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Team member Eric Venbrux was interviewed on cultural and religious diversity in dealing with death during the All Souls’ Day/Día de Los Muertos programme in film arthouse Lux in Nijmegen on Saturday 2 November 2019

Journalistic Articles

Newspaper article citing Avril Maddrell: ‘150,000 Painted Hearts, Each for a Life Lost to Covid-19 in Britain‘, The New York Times, April 1st 2021

Newspaper article citing Avril Maddrell: ‘Giving Hope, and a Place to Mourn: Memorials to the Pandemic‘, The New York Times, February 22nd 2021

Ljouwert Leeuwarden Cemetery september 2019 the Netherlands

‘Les liens sociaux ne s’arrêtent pas avec la mort’Faire société ensemble – CLAE nr 22, April 2020, p. 2-3.

Festival des Migrations, des Cultures et de la citoyenneté Luxembourg 5

‘Diversity in Death’Delano – Luxembourg in English, March 8th 2020

Eric Venbrux

‘Sekularisering er ønsketenking’Vårt Land, June 16th 2019

Chinese cemetery Tongerseweg Zwolle, the Netherlands

Diversiteit en de dood: de Nederlandse uitvaartcultuur is aan het veranderen‘, De Kanttekening, August 21st 2019

Popular Articles


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