1. To examine whether cemetery and crematoria are meeting the changing and diverse needs of multicultural North-Western Europe
  2. To identify and disseminate good practice of cemetery and crematoria provision in North-Western Europe
  3. To achieve this in collaboration with all local users, providers, partners, and migrant and minority groups, thereby enhancing shared cross cultural understanding and social inclusion for all 


  1. To identify the varied ways in which cemeteries and crematoria are used and experienced by diverse users including Established Minorities, European, and Third Country National migrants
  2. To identify the changing cemetery and crematoria needs in multicultural North-Western European societies, and to evaluate the extent to which these are a) understood and b) met by providers
  3. To identify a range of creative strategies for fostering public dialogue, engagement, and consultation around diverse cemetery and crematoria uses, needs, and practices
  4. To co-produce and disseminate a ’best practice’ toolkit with and for international cemetery and crematoria providers/managers, varied users, and related interest groups
  5. To provide scholarly insight into:
    1. The changing uses of cemeteries and crematoria as public spaces in multicultural post-secular urban areas
    2. The nature of inclusion/exclusion in them