Blogs pertaining to Covid-19

Of Barriers and Benches: A Visitor’s Experience by Sonja Kmec, published on April 22nd 2021

Cemeteries as Public Space under the Covid-19 Lockdown by Danielle House, published on April 24th 2020

Die Diversität von Bestattungsbedürfnissen in Zeiten der Krise: Reflektionen zu Covid-19 in einem multikulturellen Europa by Sonja Kmec, published on March 31st 2020

Covid-19 and the CeMi Project [multilingual post in English, Dutch, and Swedish] by Danielle House, Mariske Westendorp, and Helena Nordh, published on March 24th 2020

Diverse Funerary Needs adt a Time of Crisis: Reflections on Covid-19 in Multicultural Europe [multilingual post in English, French, Swedish, and Dutch] by Avril Maddrell, Katie McClymont, and Yasminah Bebejaun, published on March 20th 2020

Media pertaining to Covid-19

Newspaper article citing Avril Maddrell: ‘150,000 Painted Hearts, Each for a Life Lost to Covid-19 in Britain‘, The New York Times, April 1st 2021

Newspaper article citing Avril Maddrell: ‘Giving Hope, and a Place to Mourn: Memorials to the Pandemic‘, The New York Times, February 22nd 2021